Outre Wig Converti-Cap Rising Star


Outre Wig Converti-Cap Rising Star

What’s a Converti-Cap™ Wig?

The Converti-Cap Wig™ is a fresh new twist on wigs. We’ve re-thought the traditional wig and then transformed it. With a new cap construction, this unit can be comfortably placed anywhere, unlocking limitless styling options and revealing your own natural hairline for a truly realistic look.

Key Features

  • Limitless styling possibilities
  • Reveal your own hairline for a Realistic look
  • Breathable And Flexible Cap That Lays Flat
  • Adjustable Drawstring for a Custom Fit
  • Premium Synthetic Fibers
  • Crimp Wave Style
  • Bacteria-Resistant
  • Deluxe Cap Lays Flat

1. Wig, 1 Million Ways

The styling switch ups are limitless. Want a low ponytail today, a half up half down style tonight, and a cute Mohawk tomorrow? You got it. But that’s not all! It can be placed anywhere you want to reveal your own hairline for a realistic look. The Converti-Cap™ is the wig, re-imagined.

Styling Tip: Limitless Looks

There are several ways to create new looks with Outre Converti-Cap™ Wig.

Outre Converti-Cap™ Wig was designed for you to make it yours! 


  • Select your leave out area
  • Place Converti-Cap just behind your leave out, then blend with your hair
  • And done! You've finished 1 Converti-Cap style out of 1 Million!


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